Katie Hunter-Moon


I am a self taught illustrator, photographer, maker and poet from Wales. Recently I began studying Fine Art at Aberystwyth university where my love for photography blossomed.


Inspiration flows to me from history and fairytales, the natural beauty of my external surroundings and my internal dreamscape, a desaturated wonderland. Often I exist in a state of derealisation; a bleak, vignetted place in which I am lead to question the nature of my reality. Lest I slip into the darkness I delve into a world weaved of my own whims, pieced together with a Romantic hand. I am a collector of all things with a story to tell or a fantasy to impart upon. My work is a cumulation of my fascination with bygone eras and worlds beyond our own and is an endeavour to bring this magical kingdom into the visible realm. I exist half way between the two places, wandering around in a melancholic daydream with my feet in this world and my heart in the other.


This otherworldly, lonely place is explored in my photographic work which often has a poetic narrative. The photographs are intimate glimpses into the glass house of a shy spectral apparition. She is the gothic heroine fuelled by despair but in pursuit of solace. She is a light in the darkness. There is a diaphanous softness to them reminiscent of the faerie-like works of the pre-raphaelites.


Throughout the various media I work in one will find a harmony of fine detail and the charm of spontaneous imperfection. I am enchanted by what is hidden or lost, such as in my use of tea infused watercolours, and am delighted by understated craftsmanship, such as the fastenings or stitches in victorian bodices or the keyhole of a grand old door.

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